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People have sought to know for years what the secret is to living a long and healthy life. It has been discovered that there are a few places on earth – that happen to be by the ocean – where people live not only long but also very healthy lives. Many people credit the reason for such unique longevity and health to the substances the people who live near the ocean consume: those substances include Laminaria Japonica, Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin. There are thousands of research documents by health professionals from around the world that substantiate the value of these substances that support the body’s own ability to lower the incidence of modern day maladies like heart issues; joint issues; gut and digestion issues; issues associated with blood pressure; and other unbalanced issues in the body.


LimuZ6 utilizes gifts from Mother Earth that have been used by cultures for centuries to improve health and wellness. People who take LimuZ6 are able to almost immediately feel the incredible benefits of these vital substances, which are truly ‘gifts from nature’, designed to bring health and healing to your body!

what is limuZ6


LimuZ6 utilizes Anovite’s cornerstone product Colostrum6 in an effervescent and isotonic powder to increase negative ion’s and balance your pH. A high proportion of negative ions around us will make us feel lively, fit and enthusiastic. On the other hand, too many positive ions will cause depression, lethargy and aches and pains. It is the negative ions (alkaline) that are beneficial to both the body and the brain and found abundantly in LimuZ6.

how to take limuz6

  • Adults

    The less liquid you use when mixing LimuZ the more concentrated it is and the more powerful it becomes.

    General Dosage: Try using one (1) in the morning for energy and focus and one (1) in the evening 1/2 hour before bed to help you sleep like a baby!

health Benefits

  • Healthy Immune Function

    Also called antibodies, neutralize pathogens in the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

  • Recovery

    A small hormone-like protein that can suppress appetite and lead to body weight reduction.

  • Burning Body Fat

    Composed of two protein-based chains, known as alpha or beta chains, which are separately present in bovine colostrum. The chains act on the thymus gland independently or stimulate activation, development and maintenance of the immune system.

  • Vitality & Stamina

    Also known as “permeability factor,” are actually small proteins that slow down or inhibit the enzymatic breakdown of proteins. They provide protection to the immune, growth and metabolic factors as they pass through the digestive tract.

  • Building Lean Muscle

    Helps regulate the immune system, keeping it in balance between under- and over- activity this can be extremely beneficial for those with Autoimmune diseases.

  • Colostrum6


    Colostrum6 is Anovite’s cornerstone product because it contains over 700+ components– ranging from the all natural “Whole Food IGF-1 Super Anti-Aging Family’ to the more than 100+ different immune factors—and therefore it has an impact on every cell and system within the body.

  • gifts from the sea

    There are 70+ vital nutrients found in Laminaria Japonica, Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin– including immune-supporting antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, glyconutrients, vitamins, minerals, and more. These substances support and lower the incidence of modern day maladies like heart issues; joint pain and stiffness; gut and digestion problems; problems associated with too high or too low blood pressure; and other unbalanced chemical issues in the body.

    Gifts From The Sea
  • Clinoptlolite


    Clinoptilolite has very unique honeycomb-like cellular structures with the ability to trap and then bind with various toxins, heavy metals, viral particles, as well as other impurities and remove them safely from your body.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

    An amino acid that occurs naturally in the brain. As we age natural levels of this vital amino acid diminish and we may experience a breakdown of cognitive function. Research has shown that Acetyl-L-Carnitine has a profoundly positive impact on many different areas of the body– including heart health; needed weight loss or weight gain; and help with memory and cognition issues.

  • Acai Berry

    Acai Berry

    Acai Berry contains antioxidants, fiber, and heart-healthy fats that promote protection for cells from damage caused by harmful molecules in the body called “free radicals”. Acai berries are well known to help promote the body’s ability to fight against many different diseases.

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